Data Challenge Track

The International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE) is hosting its third edition of the Data Challenge track. We call upon everyone interested to apply approaches and analyses to a common selection of performance datasets. The challenge is open-ended: participants can choose the research questions they find most interesting. The proposed approaches/analyses and their findings are discussed in short papers and presented at the main conference.

This year, the focus is on performance analysis of microservices systems. Given the increasing adoption of this architecture style, understanding the performance of microservices systems is becoming an essential task for performance engineers. Participants are invited to come up with new research questions and approaches for microservices performance analysis. For their papers, participants must choose one or more datasets from a predefined list derived from prior academic/industry research. Participants are expected to use this year’s datasets to answer their research questions, and report their findings in a four-page challenge paper. If the paper is accepted, participants will be invited to present the results at ICPE 2024 in London. Details on the datasets are provided below.


This year’s ICPE data challenge is based on four datasets from both academic and industry studies. Each dataset includes performance measurements gathered from either industrial or open-source microservices systems, with each dataset having its own unique data format and content as described in their respective repositories.


High-level possible ideas for participants include but are not limited to:


A challenge paper should outline the findings of your research. Starting with an introduction to the problem tackled and its relevance in the field. Detail the datasets utilized, the methods and tools applied, and the results achieved. Discuss the implications of the study findings, and highlight the paper contributions and their importance.

To maintain clarity and consistency in research submissions, authors are required to specify the dataset (or portion thereof) utilized when detailing methodologies or presenting findings. Additionally, authors are reminded to be precise in their references to datasets.

We highly encourage the solution’s source code to be included with the submission (e.g., in a permanent repository such as Zenodo, potentially linked to a GitHub repository as described here), but this is not mandatory for acceptance of a data challenge paper.

The page limit for challenge papers is 4 pages (including all figures and tables) + 1 page for references. Challenge papers will be published in the companion to the ICPE 2024 proceedings. All challenge papers will be reviewed by the program committee members. Note that submissions to this track are double-blind: for details, see the Double Blind FAQ page. The best data challenge paper will be awarded by the track chairs and the program committee members.

Submissions to be made via Easychair by selecting the respective track.

The submission deadline can be found here.

Data Challenge Chairs

  • Luca Traini, University of L’Aquila, Italy
  • Christoph Laaber, Simula Research Laboratory, Oslo, Norway